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Merbau 26650 mod


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The Merbau is the newest offering from Continental Mods, the makers of the Black Oak.  This mod is using new materials in the same great body shape and is a limited run.   Get yours while supplies last. 

Merbau specs:
Full aircraft grade aluminum body
Silver plated body
Gold plated connectors
Adjustable pins
SS button with short throw
exotic merbau wood accents
3 extension adapters with gold plated pins
low voltage drop
comes with a engraved gift box
accomodate 1×26650 battery
full mechanical engrave
height: 92mm (tallest dimension)
widith: 29mm (thickest dimension)
lenght: 57mm (longest dimension)
atty hole size: 24mm
Vent Holes

Specs of aluminum used in Merbau:
Aluminum EN AW-2017A
DIN: AlCuMg1
ISO: AlCu4MgSi(A)
Aluminum alloy AW- 2017A has good strength properties – high tensile strength , high fatigue strength . AW- 2017A aluminum is used for the production of structural aircraft parts for construction machinery, military equipment , components for the automotive industry .
Density g / cm 3 2.79
Modulus of elasticity E: 72500 MPa
Shear modulus G: 27200 MPa
Melting point: 510 ° C
Melting point: 645 ° C
Specific heat J / kgK 873
Coefficient of thermal expansion : um / mK 22.9
Resistivity: NWM 51
Thermal conductivity W / mK 134
Electrical conductivity : 34 % IACS


This product is intended for experienced users and as such please understand how a mechanical mod works before you purchase this product for your own safety.

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